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In the premiere of Cosmos, his contemporary continuation of the Carl Sagan classic, the inimitable Neil deGrasse Tyson adds to history’s finest definitions of science.

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The Boss dándome una mirada de aprobación por el trabajo culminado (at Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis)



The composition of a water molecule explained in “Beyond the Microscope,” a GE science film from 1922. 


This is great! New YouTube channel idea: Vintage science films. I call dibs.

I guess it’s worth noting that this is not at all what electrons actually “look” like or how bonding works, but I don’t really mind for some reason.

De cuándo trabajar un sábado no es nada terrible (at Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis)

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Muere monstruo muere

inconfundible (at El Steinvorth)


Vespa Now Takes Pictures

All fields of science, when pushed to the very edge, touch on larger human issues.

Alan Lightman, the first professor to receive dual appointments in science and the humanities at MIT, expands on his views on science and spirituality at a February 18, 2014 talk at The New York Public Library.

Lightman’s latest book, The Accidental Universe, is a mind-bending, soul-expanding must-read

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Not a single one of the cells that compose you knows who you are, or cares.

Daniel Dennett

Just a reminder that your whole is far greater than the sum of your parts.

At least we know and care who they are!

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Daft Punk - Human After All

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